Draco Malfoy (slyth_iceprince) wrote,
Draco Malfoy

Impropriety (original game) userinfo

Yes, it is I, Draconis Nero Malfoy, scion of the noble pureblood House of Malfoy and ect, ect, ect.

Anyway, enough of that. Draco will suffice. I'm seventeen years old and a seventh-year Slytherin at Hogwarts, and Blaise Zabini and Pansy Parkinson are very dear friends of mine. And yes, I'm engaged to Harry Potter, everyone knows that now, unless you don't read the papers or live in a cave in Antarctica or something. And no, I'm not just trying to turn him over to the Dark Lord or whatever other drivel they've been printing. I actually happen to be desperately in love with him, and that's all I'm going to say about it.
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