Draco Malfoy (slyth_iceprince) wrote,
Draco Malfoy

At The Ministry

Harry was on his feet as soon as the door swung open, hurrying towards Draco, who looked... well, awful. He looked awful, of course he did, after reliving all that...

"Harry," Draco said, the word a choked whisper on his lips. He wrapped his arms tightly around Harry and buried his face in his shoulder, trying not to cry, trying to hold, just trying not to fall apart. Not here, not now, not yet, not in front of these people, the crowd of reporters that had inevitably formed when they had come here.

"Ssshh..." Harry soothed, holding him close. "It's okay..."

Something inside Draco finally snapped, and he held tighter to Harry as the tears started to fall.
Tags: lucius plot
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