Draco Malfoy (slyth_iceprince) wrote,
Draco Malfoy

Valentine's Day Night

It had been a wonderful evening. Draco had met Harry at their rooms with a smile, a kiss, and a soft, "Happy Valentine's Day, love," before they had walked out past the wards. Draco had gently taken Harry's hand and apparated them to an out-of the way restaurant in Nice where he had reserved a table for two by the window, which looked out over the water. The food had been excellent, the sunset beautiful, and afterward they had just walked for a while along the quiet beach, enjoying the evening air. It was unseasonably warm for February, and the sky was bright with stars; it was a beautiful night. Neither Harry nor Draco had talked much; they didn't need to.

When they finally returned to Hogwarts, Draco opened the door to their bedroom and ushered a startled Harry inside. The room was lit only by the warm glow of candles, which gave off a faint jasmine scent, and the bed was made all in red, even the sheets, which were burgundy silk. On the nightstand sat a small tray of chocolates and strawberries, and two glasses of champagne, chilled by cooling charms. Draco smiled slightly and slid his arms around Harry's waist. "You like?"
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